At Barrington Tailor, we go beyond hemming pants and shortening sleeves to complex alterations like recutting and reassembling garments. Show us your project and we'll provide a free estimate. A sampling of our alteration expertise includes:

  • Alterations of an entire wardrobe after weight loss
  • Recut of an heirloom dress
  • Recut of a bridal dress
  • Alterations to prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses and other formalwear
  • Alterations to beauty pageant dresses and dance recital costumes
  • Hand sewing of beaded and sequined dresses after alterations
  • Alterations and repairs to riding clothing
  • Complete range of alterations to off-the-rack clothes to achieve custom fit
  • "Emergency service" to repair alterations that have been executed poorly elsewhere

Bridal Gown Recuts and More

For the bride-to-be, we can recut and alter a gown to fit you perfectly on your special day. Our tailors can handle even the most skilled handwork such as replacing beads and sequins. And, we are one of the few tailors in the area who can fashion a beautiful French bustle from your elegant bridal train.

Expert Alterations and Recuts to Suits

Our master tailors can hem your suit trousers or sleeves and take in a waistband, as well as completely recut a suit. Come to Barrington Tailor Shop and let us fit your fine suit to perfection.

We also provide alteration services for suede, leather and fur. Click here to learn more.



We can recut, alter, craft French bustles, hand sew beads and more for the most delicate bridal gowns
suit alteration
Trust us to make quality alterations or recut your fine suits


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